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Why Feed Raw

All natural, preservatives and grain free... your pet will thank you for it.
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Benefits of a Raw Diet

At Fish Lake Road, we understand the decision to feed raw is an important one.  When you research the information available on feeding raw, generally it is divided into two camps.  One very pro-raw and its benefits, and the other more skeptical and concerned about the lack of scientific study and data.  We always recommend doing your research and talking to your veterinarian.

At Fish Lake Road, our benefits have been confirmed by pet parents and users of raw products.

Benefits of Feeding Fish Lake Road Raw:

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Healthy Skin & Coat

The most common change noted by pet parents when they have switched to raw food is a healthier skin and coat on their pet.  The nutrients in raw food are more easily digested by pets, allowing them to be absorbed more efficiently.  Further, raw food contains healthy stomach enzymes that allow your pet to break down the food more efficiently than starch-heavy kibble.  Starch is known to contribute to pet dandruff, dry skin, and coarse fur.

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Better Stool

Commercial dry pet food often contains grains and legumes that are not a part of your pet’s natural diet. These products are harder for your pet’s stomach to process and convert into energy. As a result, not everything consumed is used. More waste is a result.

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Improved Energy Level

When you feed raw food, the energy not needed to consume kibble (with its fillers and added sugar) is now available for your pet to enjoy life.

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Feed Response

Many pet parents find that their picky eaters respond well to a raw diet. Although not every pet will like every flavour, once you find the combination of flavours your pet enjoys, a better feed response will ensure your pet is getting the nutrition they need, when they need it.

Converting to a Complete Raw Diet from Kibble

At Fish Lake Road, we understand how hard it is to contemplate changing your pet’s food.  This is especially difficult if your pet is a picky eater or has allergies.  Here is our recommended plan to transition your dog or cat off their dry food and into our Complete Raw Meal program.

We never recommend a rapid transition to any new food.  While it can be done, a quick change is more difficult on your pet’s digestive tract.  If you desire a rapid transition, we recommend discussing with your veterinarian to obtain a tailored plan specific to your pet.


Fish Lake Road’s Complete Raw Meals are specifically formulated for dogs according to the biologically appropriate raw foods of 70% muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% organ and 10% fruits and vegetables. Complete Raw Meal diets are intended to be fed using a variety of proteins to deliver your pet its nutritional balance over a couple of weeks rather than for each meal. For your dog to get full nutritional value, we recommend a rotation of all our protein meal options. Supplementing or feeding a raw, meaty bone once every 4 days or so will help support your pet’s dental health needs. If your pet has extreme dietary challenges and allergies, supplements may be required to make sure they receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals that they need.


Cats in general break down amino acids faster than dogs, causing them to need more protein.  Fish Lake Road recommends that when feeding our complete raw meals to cats, supplement each serving with our Fish Lake Road Pure Arctic Charr Protein to ensure your feline friend receives all the protein that they require.  Ten percent of each serving should be Pure Arctic Charr supplement.

Day 1
Start with our Pure Arctic Charr Meal and mix at a ratio of 75% existing kibble : 25% Pure Arctic Charr meal.
Day 2
Repeat Day 1
Day 3
Increase Raw food ratio of Pure Arctic Charr Meal to 50% existing kibble : 50% Pure Arctic Charr meal.
Day 4
Repeat Day 3
Day 5
Increase Raw food ratio to 25% existing food : 75% Pure Arctic Charr Meal
Day 6
Repeat Day 5
Day 7
100% of your pet’s meal is now raw. They are ready to start exploring beyond the Pure Arctic Charr Meal to any of our Complete Raw Meal Formulas. Proper relation of complete raw meals help ensure your pet is receiving the proper balanced nutrition.

Transitioning Best Practices

Complete Raw Meal Feeding Guide

It is natural for your pet to appear hungry when transitioning onto a complete raw meal diet. Since the formulation contains none of the extra starches and fillers found in a more traditional pet food, the volume of food your pet requires for their nutritional needs is typically less than they may be used to. In order to help with the transition, Fish Lake Road provides the following worksheet calculator to help determine how much complete raw meal to feed your pet:

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How to Determine if your Pet is Overweight

The easiest way to determine if your pet is overweight is to look at your pet from above while they are standing.  If your pet is oval shaped, then your pet is overweight.  Alternatively, if your pet has a defined waist and a straight build on their sides, then they are probably at a healthy weight.

Feeling your pet’s ribs can also give you insights in weight issues for your pet.  If your pet’s ribs are extremely prominent, then your pet is likely underweight.  Whereas if you can feel your pet’s ribs without having to press too hard, then the pet is fit.  Likewise, if it is difficult to feel your pet’s ribs, then there is too much fat in the way. 

The best and most certain way to determine if your pet is obese is to consult your veterinarian and have your dog weighed.  Your vet can assess their weight based on their size and breed.  Some breeds have more noticeable ribs, but still can be considered at their ideal weight.