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The Benefits of Supplementing Kibble with a Raw Diet for Your Pets

Enhance your pet's kibble diet with Fish Lake Road's convenient half-pound Complete Raw Meals for improved health and consider the balanced approach of combining raw and kibble for optimal nutrition.
The Benefits of Supplementing Kibble with a Raw Diet for Your Pets - Fish Lake Road

Are you considering incorporating a raw diet into your pet’s meals? It’s a thought that crosses many pet owners’ minds. However, it’s also natural to have uncertainties about this approach, especially when contemplating the potential changes to your lifestyle, budget, and time commitment.

At Fish Lake Road, we’re aware of these challenges. That’s why our Complete Raw Meals come in convenient half-pound packages, aiming to simplify meal times for you and your pet. But what about the other concerns? In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is juggling their time and finances. Does this mean avoiding introducing a raw diet into your pet’s meals? Not at all! Supplementing your pet’s kibble diet with our Raw Meals could be viable.

Exploring the Idea of Supplementing Kibble with a Raw Diet for Your Pets

When it comes to pet nutrition, there are varying opinions about the potential benefits of raw food and kibble diets. While kibble provides convenience and cost-effectiveness, some pet owners have expressed interest in raw food. Today, we’ll delve into supplementing a kibble diet with raw food and how it might affect your pet’s daily life.

The Pros of Raw Food

Approximately 15% to 25% of dogs are fed some raw meat. Advocates of raw food diets often cite several benefits that contribute to a pet’s overall health. These benefits include: 

  • shinier coats
  • healthier skin
  • improved dental health
  • higher energy level
  • and smaller stools.

Raw dog food contains a lot of easier-to-digest fresh meat protein, fresh fat, and easier-to-digest sources of zinc.

Feeding your pet raw food also promotes a healthier gut microflora, aligning more with your pet’s metabolism than kibble can.

Moreover, raw diets contain more enzymes and nutrients than kibble, which can help boost your dog’s immune system, making them less prone to illnesses.

Why Supplement Kibble with Raw?

While a completely raw diet might only be feasible for some due to high costs or lack of time, supplementing kibble with raw food can provide a balanced approach. This way, you can take advantage of raw food’s benefits while enjoying kibble’s convenience and affordability.

Here’s why this could be the right approach:

  • Nutritional Value: Raw food is rich in nutrients, often lost in the high-heat process of making kibble. By supplementing with raw, you ensure your pet gets these essential nutrients.
  • Dental Health: Raw food, especially meat on the bone, can significantly improve dental health and reduce bad breath.
  • Mental Well-being: Meeting your pet’s biological needs through raw food supports not only their physical health but also their mental well-being.

A Balanced Approach

Yes, you can feed both kibble and raw. While both food digest differently, separating the meals can help you navigate this issue.

Although both kibble and raw have benefits, supplementing kibble with raw food can provide a more biologically appropriate diet that boosts your pet’s health.

A Tailored Approach to Your Pet’s Diet

Every pet is unique, so monitoring your pet’s reaction when introducing raw food into their diet is crucial. Always consult a veterinarian before significantly changing your pet’s diet. Remember, your pet’s health is paramount, and their diet plays a significant role in maintaining it.

Choosing the right diet for your pet can be daunting, but with careful consideration and high-quality products, you can provide your pet with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that caters to their unique needs. If you’re considering transitioning your pet to a completely raw diet from kibble, we recommend you check out our Converting to a Complete Raw Diet from Kibble page for detailed information on how to make this transition smooth for both cats and dogs.

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