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Bringing the world’s northernmost fish to every pet’s bowl.
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Our journey began with Icy Waters Ltd., our family owned Arctic Charr fish farm in Whitehorse, Yukon. For over three decades, our farm has been synonymous with high quality Arctic Charr fish products featured in white tablecloth restaurants across the country.

Since our inception, local dog owners have bought our trimmings at our farm gate. Our fish has also been a preferred diet choice for some competitive sled dog teams. Over the last five years, we have worked hard to be a zero-waste facility, converting the rest of our restaurant trimmings into heart healthy products for pets outside the Yukon to enjoy. Today, we have a line of pet treats and complete raw meal offerings. 

What started as a creative outlet for our leadership team, and a sustainability program for our fish farm has developed and evolved into a passion for helping pet parents bring A Taste of the Yukon and all the associated heart health benefits to their pets in their own homes. 

Our philosophy of high quality has transferred to this new marketspace, as we source only human grade products and manufacture to human grade HACCP standards. We are continually encouraged by the stories from our pet parents of energy, better skin and fur, overall health and just a happier life for their pets. 

We invite you to try our products and embark on a journey to the Yukon with us!