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Arctic Charr is a heart-healthy, sustainability-sourced fish with a subtle (yet irresistible) taste your dog will love.
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Arctic Charr Complete Raw Meals

These meals all contain Arctic Charr, as well as a complement of fruits and vegetables, organ and bone. A selection of various high quality proteins are available to round out your pet’s diet and provide a variety of flavours for their palette.

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Arctic Charr Pet Treats

Fish Lake Road’s sustainably sourced Arctic Charr treats give country and city pets alike a taste of the Yukon. Designed for peak pet performance, each heart healthy treat is naturally rich with Omega 3, fish oil and Vitamin D.

Our Story

At Fish Lake Road, we know that pets are family and families enjoy life’s adventures together. No place in the world understands the bond between human and canine companion more than the Yukon. So why not treat your pet to the Yukon’s best?

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What is Arctic Charr?

Arctic Charr is a beautiful pink-fleshed fish that is full of flavor and nutrition. It is a meaty fish related to trout and salmon. As a cold-water fish, it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and a source of Vitamin D.

We believe that Arctic Charr is the finest freshwater finfish available in the world seafood markets today. In addition, the growers of Arctic Charr are committed to developing and promoting an industry which environmentally sound and uses sustainable aquaculture practices.